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Disambiguate Entities for Greater Visibility in Search Engine Results

Two things happened to get me into Search and, as a consequence, Semantic Copywriting. One overnight, the other by way of gradual happenstance.

A hip operation went haywire. I loathed my 9-5 job. I’ll leave you to work out which was the catalyst to which.

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Artificial Intelligence – Fact or Fiction?

Programmers have been trying to devise a method of making machines process natural language since long before Tim Berners-Lee talked about achieving a Web that implemented such technology – indeed, from around his birth in 1955.

Alan Turing, in 1950, published “Computing Machinery and Intelligence”, which opened by posing the question, “Can machines think?”. In that work, he introduced his “Turing Test”, which remains the most widely accepted metric for gauging artificial intelligence to date.
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